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Tue, Sep. 29th, 2009, 01:09 pm

so yeah, i'm stuck in this ridiculous english class and next is ridiculous math... yeah, i know, that SUCKS!!!!! so yeah....I am writing, don't get mad at me, please???

hope to work on some of it tonight.... maybe some brooksie love??? you know i love Brooks.


haha, now that thats out of my system, imma take a nap & ignore this class....

G'night dolls!

Fri, Aug. 21st, 2009, 07:14 pm

Hey all. Just wanted to check in and make sure you know i'm still here. Sorry much i haven't posted in a while, but i've been super busy.
I started classes on the 18th, have been working full time up until then, working on my story, and trying to write for on here..... just wanted to let you know i didn't forget.... writers block is just hitting me hard.... i hope to be back soon!!!!

LOVE YOU ALL!!!!!!!!!


Wed, Feb. 18th, 2009, 06:10 pm
ALIIIIIVE!!!!!! (sorta...)

whoa... i hadn't noticed how long it's been since i posted anything but the brooksie/Whitters ficlet.... i apologize profusely....

so yeah, lame excuses time

5:30 wake-up calls DAILY...
40+ hours a week........
Book (yeah, i'm attepting to work with my OC's on something...)........
boy (kinda)....
attempt at social life....

whoa...thats actually a lot of excuses. add on to all trhat the stress that comes from trying to get a SECOND job and afford bills and my place yeah...still bad excuses.

have something in the works....inspiration is VERY VERY VERY appreciated. pictures, stories, quotes...all is well-loved

bye bye, c u soon loves (the job from hell beckons AGAIN)

Sun, Dec. 14th, 2008, 12:02 pm

okay, so I'm doing christmas cards for all of you lovelies....

you want a christmas card???

you know you do!

so if you want a christmas card, please just send me an e-mail with your....

address (full address, cuz some of you are in Canada...)
favorite hockey team/player (you'll understand why when you get the card!!!)

so yeah, my e-mail is PaintMeInColor@gmail.com


Wed, Dec. 10th, 2008, 09:51 pm


Title: cross-check DRESS

Pairing: Ryan Whitney/ Brooks Orpik

Fandom: Pittsburgh Penguins

Rating: PG-13 ish...(some swearing...b'not bad enough for an R) 

A/N: um yeah...it's been waaaaaay to long since i'v e even logged into LJ, let alone posted anything. so in honor of, well, nothing, actually... so , in honor of nothing, i present to you a lovely bit of humor, compliments of Whitters and Orp. ENJOY!


cross-DRESSEDCollapse )

Mon, Oct. 20th, 2008, 09:30 pm

okay, so i swear i'm not dead, though i have been neglecting my LJ, Myspace, FD account, and basically the internet in general... so, In honor of the new season and my newfound devotions to the boys (the off-season sucked...at least for me it did...) i am workin on...

count them... 4 FICS!!!!!  WHOOT WHOOT!
  1. Orpik/ Whitney (2 chapters in...)
  2. Semin/Malkin (1 LONG chapter in)
  3. Talbot/Fleury (1 chapter in... hit some snags, so help is appreciated!)
  4. Staal/Christensen (2 chapters in... *this starts around christmas last season, so its old!*)
so yeah... what d'ya think??? and plot-bunnies, inspiration, pairings... i'm open to all...

oh yeah...i really think i could use a beta for this season... anybody up for it???

P.S. I'm still willing to do portraits...and just for you, I'l do portraits up to 11x14 in size. I can do them in pencil, colored pencil, charcoal, and even paints (oil OR acrylic!) so let me know if you want one... several of you may get them of your favorites as christmas presents!!! just lemme know!

LOTS OF LOVE!!!!! <3 Aly

Wed, Sep. 17th, 2008, 03:41 pm
HELP MEEEEEEEE!!! please???

okay...i really need some help!!!!

so first off, yay, i'm not dead and yes, i have been working on some new fics.... but anyway, I'm incredibly busy with work, my art, friends, and now a huge halloween blowout that has been dumped on my shoulders.....therefore i ask all of my friendies to PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE help me out with this....

i need to make a killer soundtrack for the party...and no, no 'monster mash' or 'flying purple people eater'....this is a party where even the youngest attendees are over 16....

please, any suggestions for good, rock or metal filled, almost -underground, halloween inspired music?????? (think Misfits, AFI, Danzig, Alice Cooper....yeah, you see where i'm going with this....)

right...one more thing... If anybody has a whole bunch of people on the Flist that i don't...(so sue me...i only talk to people i like...) please post my plea....i need all the help i can get! (this partys gonna be about 150 strong..... *shoots self in head*)


Thu, Aug. 14th, 2008, 01:45 pm

oh wow....i've been M.I.A. for so long, most of you probably don't remember me!!!

okay...so i really need hockey to start again, cuz i've been doing nothing but working and it sucks. i barely have time t write anything, and when i do, i usually fall asleep doing it... lol, does that mean the stories are boring??? I dunno, i hope not.

well, i have most of the weekend off...i hope i'll get some stuff done then....

Fri, Jun. 20th, 2008, 03:19 pm
To The Boys....

Yes, It's finally ready. 2 weeks late, but it's ready none the less. Part 2 will be up tomorrow hopefully...

Mon, Jun. 16th, 2008, 09:36 am

yes yes, I'm alive (i've been posting that WAYYYYY to often)

anyway, i'll have fic updates soon. Just haven't had the time. I've been working constantly, and any free time is being used sleeping or apartment searching with Mindizzle (Mindi). 

I also have my anual 'to the boys' hockey love sessions coming up... and yes, I said sessionS... I think I'm going to do one for our beloved pens, and another for the players i followed all season on different teams. 

anyway, I'm still up for any and all pairing ideas and plot bunnies, hell, I'll even do a request if it's a good one, or a prompt.... Oh yeah, I'm still doing player portraits, so POST THOSE PHOTOS!!!!!!!!! 

anyway, love you my darlings. I'll talk to you later....the job from hell bellows "get your ass here NOW" 

<3 Aly

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